The Wagtail Story

This is a true story about an aircraft called Wagtail. The narrative is written and read by my father and recorded by him in about 1985 and digitised in 2020.

Recorded in 1985 by Leonard Bracey - The Wagtail Story

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Synopsise of Wagtails Life

Wagtail was the third aircraft constructed by Fred Taylor’s and the second one my father seriously contributed to during its contraction and subsequent flights. Wagtail was born out of an accident that saw the demise of its predecessor and was constructed in the front bedroom of a house in Erdington Birmingham, transported by bicycle to a field at Dunton Hall near Coleshill for assembly in 1937/8. Wagtail made many successful flights though it was not piloted by my father Leonard Bracey at this point up to the out break of the Second World War. Wagtail survived the war in excellent condition and was subsequently upgraded with another engine and gave many hours of pleasure to Fred and my father, who by this time was piloting it. The aircraft was sold in 1950 and was burnt following an accident, perhaps a Valhalla moment to a fine homebuilt aircraft that was never registered and flown by Fred and my father both who never gained their Private Pilots Licences!

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