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The Challenge of Change

Mobil First sound such a cliché when most internet accesses are conducted via a mobile phone, yet only a very few years ago this was not the case. Between 2001 and 2005 I undertook a Degree in IT specialising in web site design and e-commerce, but events took me back to my original carrier as an Electrical Engineer, so I never perused a carrier in IT.

Now returning to web design as an interest and revisiting my oriental work the world of web design has changed from rendering sites to a few computer screen sizes to now requiring total variability and flexibility in displaying information.

The site sets out through its use of different programme methodologies to convey my interests in a clear on interesting why to balance the needs of different platforms the site can be viewed on without degrading the content.

Droitwich My Home Town

Droitwich has been my hometown for over thirty years now. Droitwich is a town with a rich history and was the richest place in medieval England thanks to the salt that lies beneath it as brine. The salt is extracted from the brine and the page explores this history:-

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Genealogy is My Story

We are all products of our Genealogy. I will share with you some of the people that have gone before, their losses and their achievements. To date I have recorded over 120 people on my family tree dating from the late 18th Century and these pages tell some of that story:-

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Campervan Bobby

This section is about the adventures in our Campervan Bobby.

Campervan Bobby

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